The Voice of Ability Series

Kerschen 2 - Student listens to God and resets his priorities

By Matthew Kerschen
(Editor's note: This is the second in a brief series by Matthew.)
I mentioned in the first part of my story, that recently everything has changed for me.
It changed in January at a conference of the Fellowship of Catholic University Students. I realized it within the last month and only now am I able to put into words.
What happened is that I received my vocation during that week in San Antonio. God told me he wanted me to rebuild his church. He wasn't referring to a building, he was referring to his mystical body. He wanted me to put more of an emphasis on him and others, rather than myself.
But, more than that, God revealed during that week how his heart was hurting because so many have left the faith. During the conference a priest talked about how in the last few years more people have died for their faith than in any other point throughout history.
The priest shared an example of a man who lived in China – where Christianity is suppressed – who was forced to go in secrecy under his home to attend Mass and to receive the Eucharist. The man was later able to make his way to the United States.
The new immigrant loved the freedom to go to Mass, but, with the American dream available, the chance to obtain success, and the opportunity to earn money and privilege, he lost track of his priorities and stopped going to Mass.
That story helped me realize I had to reorganize my priorities – that God had to be first in every decision.
During the last month I have been meeting with a friend at Wichita State University, Nathan Carpenter, who is mentoring Catholic students in missionary discipleship. My love for God inspired him to ask me to embark on this journey. He has taught me how to pray for others who I think would be good candidates for this way of life. He has also taught me that to become a disciple one must have the intentional desire to drop everything and seek others to grow the kingdom of God.
When I graduate, I plan to continue finding others who have a passion for serving God alone, and who want to inspire and invite others to be missionary disciples. Hopefully that love will spread to generation after generation of disciples so that we can – as Michael Warsaw, the chairman of EWTN likes to say – bring Jesus Christ to a world starved for the truth.
What is God calling you to do? Should you be a missionary disciple? How could you be a missionary disciple?

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