The Voice of Ability Series

Flowers - Legal blindness doesn't stop Oxford girl from being part of the church

By Mary Flowers
I became legally blind when I had cancer as a baby. The cancer was bilateral retinoblastoma, cancerous tumors in both eyes.
I’m 10 years old now. I can’t see the thing I’m looking at, I have to look around it to see it. I can see colors. I can really see mostly everything. My depth perception is not good, though. I am learning how to use a cane. I can read if the print is a good size. I mostly use braille, it is faster for me. I love audio books – they are really fun!
I love to sing and dance. I really like music and band class in school. I am an altar server at St. Mary’s Parish in Oxford. I really enjoy that because I get to be involved in the Mass. I like being able to help. I really like ringing the bells!
My favorite Bible character is Moses. I also like the stories that are full of miracles. My favorite saint is St. Mary! (That is obvious!) I also like St. Francis, because he liked animals.
I would like to be treated as an independent person – as normal. I can be pretty self-reliant if given the chance. Sometimes people provide help when I am more than capable of doing things on my own. They should ask first if I need help.
Now, when it comes to a buffet style meal, I do need help! Sometimes I can’t identify the foods. I might think I am getting mashed potatoes, but it is actually vanilla pudding! Brown gravy and pudding do not go together!

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