The Voice of Ability Series

Bauer - Blindness doesn't keep OLPH parishioner from his stewardship

By Steve Bauer
I am a native Wichitan and a cradle Catholic. I was born two and a half months premature and was immediately baptized as they didn’t think I was going to live.
As a result of being given oxygen to keep me alive, my eyes were permanently damaged and left me with very limited vision until I was in college. Totally blind since 1975, I’ve tried to set an example and help others whenever possible.
Church has always been part of my life and will always be my center point. With encouragement from my priest, I began lectoring at Mass in 1986. Thankfully, I’ve been reading Braille since the third grade. Some people have told me that it’s amazing I can lector. Actually, it’s not amazing at all. Honestly, I kind of find it amazing that a person can just look at a page with their eyes and read it.
We’ve heard about the three Ts for many years: time, talent and treasure. Well, I’ve got the time. God has blessed me with a little treasure and I’ve got the talent to share as a lector.
Over the 30 years that I have been lectoring I’ve participated in many special events, including reading at funerals, a vesper ordination ceremony for Bishop Carl A. Kemme, and proclaiming all nine readings several times at the Easter Vigil Mass – in complete darkness. I can’t mow the grass around the church or repair the roof, but I can share my talent and serve as a lector and proudly proclaim the Word of God.
I am thankful that I can use the talent that God has given me to proclaim his word to others.
Bauer is a member of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish, Wichita.

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