The Voice of Ability Series

Jaimez - Holy Name, Coffeyville parishioner says everyone can do some things
Dondlinger - Blessed Sacrament parishioner loves to pray, go to Mass and go shopping
Baalmann - Young man loves St. Michael, a wave and giving you a hug
Seiler - Disability, surgeries have not slowed young man from growing in his faith
Emert - Indy woman feels blessed to be part of the diocese
Graham - Handicap doesn't stop young woman from participating in many activities
Pattersons - Married couple doesn't let disabilities get in the way of serving the church
Kerschen 3 - It's time for all Catholics to evangelize
Johnson - A Holy Family Camp Vet
Hanaka 3 - Seeing ability in the blind
Hanaka 2 - Seeing ability in the blind
Cederberg - A sister talks about her brother's love
Vicki Hanaka - Seeing ability in the blind
Simon - Young adult 'blessed to have a great life'
Kerschen 2 - Student listens to God and resets his priorities
Kerschen 1 - Student understands God has reason for disability
Lomshek - Disabilities are no barrier to full parish participation
Ewald - Special needs doesn't mean young man doesn't have a meaningful life
Knightley - Catholic faith has been source of comfort for woman who has had life-long challenges
Zienkewicz - We learn about ourselves when we help persons with disabilities
Wiseman - Help parents of children with autism; learn about it
Voegeli - Mother writes about how she is blessed with a special-needs child
Towey - Spina bifida doesn't stop young man from school and many activities
Flowers - Legal blindness doesn't stop Oxford girl from being part of the church
Bauer - Blindness doesn't keep OLPH parishioner from his stewardship
Schuckman - Parishioner living with mental illness thankful for support at St. Francis
Rundle - Disabilities do not define a person, writer says, God does