Holy Family Special Needs Foundation


What is the Holy Family Special Needs Foundation?

The mission of the Holy Family Special Needs Foundation is to foster the human, intellectual and spiritual growth of individuals with disabilities through education, activities and services which help them to be active disciples of Jesus Christ in the Diocese of Wichita.

Dear friends,

It is with great excitement that I write to you announcing the start of a new initiative for the Holy Family Special Needs Foundation (HFSNF). I am literally beaming with pride to be able to share with you our very first appeal, asking you to help our parish schools accept more students with varying abilities and disabilities.

As the current chairman of the board of the HFSNF, I can tell you that the ministry has been working hard over the past several years to take more and more of our income and spend it on helping schools in the diocese build strong programs to educate students with disabilities. But the need outpaces our ability to fund it.

For example, as seen in the graph below, last year our schools requested $379,000 to serve students who have a learning, intellectual, emotional, or physical disability. We were able to provide only $198,000 in grants. This number reflects only the requests that were made by the schools. I am confident there are many more students with disabilities who would flourish in our Catholic schools if we could provide them with the necessary services they need to learn and be formed as disciples of Jesus Christ.

And so we approach you to ask for your help. Would you consider a sacrificial annual gift that would help us meet this gap, helping more students with varying disabilities who wish to attend a Catholic school?

Thank you. Please know how very meaningful each and every gift is. I feel strongly that we can be graced with compassion, understanding, and patience from serving and supporting children in our Catholic schools who have special needs. Thank God for the gift of these children and for our ability to provide them a Catholic school education.


Michael Mayans
Chairman of the Board
Holy Family Special Needs Foundation


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