Faith and Light Communities

Faith and Light, founded in France in 1971, is an international, Christian, ecumenical movement located in 80 countries on five continents comprising more than 1500 communities. This movement supports persons with cognitive disabilities, their families and friends who gather regularly as local communities.  One of the goals of Faith and Light is to integrate its members in their local churches.

Faith and Light is founded on the conviction that each person, no matter how severe their disability may be, is loved by God, and that Jesus lives in them, even if they are scarcely able to express themselves.  We also believe that the person with cognitive disabilities, through union with Jesus, can truly become a source of peace and love for the whole community, for the church and for humanity.

A Faith and Light community is a place of welcoming and belonging.  At the heart of every community, people with cognitive disabilities are surrounded by their family and friends.  At each community gathering there is a time for sharing, a time for celebrating and a time for prayer.  In community, we become sources of life for each other by mutually sharing our needs and our gifts in loving friendship.

In the Catholic Diocese of Wichita, there are Faith and Light communities in:

Coffeyville - Family of Friends

Hutchinson - Salt City Family of Friends

Wichita - Light of Christ