DiRT: Diocesan Retreat Team

Hello! Welcome to our diocesan retreat team webpage and thank you for considering us for your Confirmation retreat.

See the new 2018-2019 dates below! To sign up, please contact Chris Barnard at barnardc@catholicdioceseofwichita.org

What is DiRT?

DiRT is a high school Confirmation retreat put on by college students from the diocese of Wichita. The capital letters themselves stand for Diocesan Retreat Team. The diocese of Wichita partners with St. Paul Catholic Student Center at Wichita State University and St. Pius X Catholic Student Center at Pittsburg State University for the retreats. Last year DiRT served just under 60% of all the parishes in the diocese who had students receiving Confirmation. This was around 500 participants at over 25 different parishes.

Who is DiRT all about?

DiRT is a retreat that is all about finding Christ in Confirmation. Many high school students have not met Jesus in a personal way or do not have a regular prayer life that makes a practical difference in their lives. These Confirmation retreats seek to enable an encounter with Jesus and give catechesis that helps sustain that relationship in their daily lives.

What does a DiRT retreat look like?

The core components of a DiRT retreat are personal testimonies about Jesus, prayer, activities, small group discussions, adoration and Reconciliation. Click for a basic schedule.

  • Personal Testimonies about Jesus

The different college students’ personal stories of their experience encountering Jesus is one of the most powerful aspects of these retreats. These stories help reinforce that the Sacrament of Confirmation is not just a ritual but a place to meet the living Lord. 

  • Prayer

Another key focus of the retreats is to encourage the high school students to develop regular prayer lives. This does not only involve talking about prayer but taking time throughout the day to pray together extemporaneously, using lectio divina, the rosary, and even phone apps. 

  • Activities

A retreat would not be a retreat unless it was also a lot of fun. Along with the pool, foosball, and ping-pong tables at the student centers, there are activities spread through the day for building community among the participants.

  • Small Group Discussions

No matter where a high school student is in their life, the college students represent for most the next step in their academic careers. These small group discussions led by the college students are places where the high school students can openly ask faith based questions and questions about what is going on in their lives.

  • Adoration and Reconciliation

One of the high moments of the retreat is the opportunity to worship Jesus in Adoration and receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The reception of Reconciliation is strongly encouraged and is often a breakthrough point for those who are struggling in their spiritual lives.

How much does a DiRT retreat cost?

We are happy to serve your entire parish group or those individuals who were not able to attend your own parish retreat. The cost is simple at $10 dollars a participant and this includes lunch and a snack. We do ask that you supply one priest for every twenty participants that you bring to the retreat. Although the priest is welcome to stay the entire day, they are only asked to be present during the hour of Adoration and Reconciliation from 11:00am-12:00. Similarly, DREs and catechists do not need to attend. Please note that the cost should never be a deterrent for joining a retreat and scholarships are available as needed.






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To learn more or to sign up, please contact Chris Barnard at barnardc@catholicdioceseofwichita.org