Some of the over 200 pro-lifers who participated in the second annual Mass for Life listen to Bishop Carl A. Kemme’s homily outside of the abortion clinic in Wichita. Bishop Kemme also led a Eucharist Procession along the accessible sides of the building. The Mass was celebrated on a city street west of the clinic. (Advance photo)

Last Saturday’s Mass for Life was celebrated on a crisp, sunny day, with over 200 persons united in prayer, framed against a backdrop of trees adorned with fall colors. The event, however, was somber.
“We gather yet again in this place to pray, to do penance and to gain the strength we need to fight the greatest battle of our wayward times, the battle between life and death, the outcome of which will affect millions of innocent souls,” Bishop Carl A. Kemme said during the Mass which was celebrated for the second time in two years on the city street west of Wichita’s abortion clinic.
With traffic noise from nearby Kellogg as a constant background, Bishop Kemme said those attending came as disciples of Christ “to bring the Sanctifying Grace of the Most Blessed Sacrament to this place of death.”
He added that he hoped the Mass would “change the hearts of those who support what goes on behind these walls, those who work here, and those who come here to kill an unborn child, so that all life will be received, wanted, and granted a chance to flourish.”
Bishop Kemme then talked about the Gospel reading regarding how a thief’s intentions are to steal, slaughter, and destroy.
“This is the stark and shocking truth of this place behind me and those like it around the world,” he said in front of the windowless abortion clinic wall.
“Here, life is stolen, slaughtered and destroyed; all under the guise of freedom run amiss, a freedom that throws God’s first and most important gift back in his face. Here, lives are destroyed, most obviously the life of an unborn child, who did nothing to deserve this death sentence.”
In addition to the lives lost, he said, the results of abortions are maladies such as depression, reproductive and other physical illnesses that can be directly attributed to the abortion, in addition to the social, emotional, and spiritual illnesses that arise in many post-abortive mothers.
“There is also something profoundly stolen from would-be fathers of these children, who by nature and instinct were created to provide and protect, even for the child or children they will never know,” he said. “So much death and destruction.”
Bishop Kemme also said the wolves mentioned in the Gospel of the day were an appropriate image for those in the abortion industry, that they were wolves in sheep’s clothing, masking themselves and what they do as healthcare. “This is a lie. These wolves need to be exposed for who they are and what they do.”
After mentioning the documentary about the infamous Kermit Gosnell, one of the country’s most notorious abortionists, he said it was vital that the faithful know who the enemy is and how the enemy attacks.
“The wolf attacks the most innocent and defenseless of the sheep; he scatters them and rips them out of the shepherd’s arms. The wolves among us in our society must be fought, not with a similar type of violence as some in the past have mistakenly adopted, but rather with the weapons of the Kingdom of Light and Life,” Bishop Kemme said.
“Those weapons are prayer, which strengthens us for the battle upon us; vigilance, including keeping watch here on location so that any opportunity to legally intervene in this industry will not be missed; proclamation of the truth so that the lies of this industry will be exposed and that the dignity of every human person from the moment of fertilization until natural death will be heard; and finally participation in the public life of our society, including conscientious and informed voting, offering oneself for public service and office and education of our people, especially youth and young adults so that in the near future, ours will once again be a culture of and for life.”
Bishop Kemme thanked those who attended the Mass, especially their unyielding dedication to the promotion of the dignity of every human person at every stage of life.
Fathers Gabe Greer and Chandra Potnuru assisted at the Mass, which is sponsored by the diocesan Office of Respect Life and Social Justice. Lectors and servers were Bishop Carroll Catholic High School students. Music was provided by the Region 3 CYM band.

Music at the Mass for Life was led by the Region 3 CYM band. (Advance photo)