Bishop Carl A. Kemme holds this year’s stewardship poster featuring Peter and John running to Christ’s tomb. Behind him is an image in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the faithful bringing their gifts to the altar. A small version of the poster will be included in the Sept. 7 Catholic Advance.

‘Fully Alive’ embraces diocesan pastoral plan
When Bishop Carl A. Kemme arrived in the Diocese of Wichita over four years ago he was impressed with the opportunities of hospitality, prayer, formation, and service that parishes provide.
But, he doesn’t want the faithful to become complacent. To that end he has approved this year’s theme, “Fully Alive as a Missionary Disciple,” as one way to encourage Catholics in the diocese to act upon their baptismal promises.
The Office of Stewardship with their advisory councils have assisted Bishop Kemme in the development of this year’s theme.
“‘Fully alive,’ captured Bishop Kemme’s heart in envisioning a way forward for the Diocese of Wichita,” Father Ken Van Haverbeke, director of the Office of Stewardship said. “Fully alive in responding to Christ’s call, fully alive in sharing the joy of the Gospel, fully alive in evangelizing our culture.”
The image for the poster, by Swiss artist Eugene Burnand, has been described as the “greatest Easter painting.” It depicts Peter and John running to Christ’s tomb on the morning of his resurrection.
Nick Poirier, a graphic artist who works in the diocesan Communication Office, said this year’s theme started with the idea of a monstrance with lively rays of light in a field of wheat representing harvest and life.
“But Fr. Ken had the idea of the disciples running toward the empty tomb,” Poirier said. “At first, running toward a tomb didn’t exactly embody the ‘Fully Alive’ theme we had envisioned. But once the image and text were in place we knew that we had a clear winner. It is a powerful image and lends itself very well to discussion of this year’s theme.”
The theme is based in part on John 10:10: “I have come that they might have life and have it more abundantly.”
Father Van Haverbeke emphasized that the theme is meant to be more than an image and text on paper.
When Father Michael Brungardt saw the new theme and poster he remarked, “A steward is fully alive in Christ,” adding that those who truly believe are bound to proclaim the joy of the Gospel.
“This understanding is not only theoretical or conceptual but actual,” Father Van Haverbeke said. “Once one truly experiences this, having truly experienced the qualitative difference Jesus makes and the joy a life lived with him truly is, we are only too glad to share this with others.”