Scott Hahn, Tim Staples, and Dr. Ray Guarendi will again catechize and entertain those attending the annual Midwest Catholic Family Conference Aug. 3-5 at Century II in Wichita.
Hahn, the author of Rome Sweet Home, is perhaps the most widely known modern convert to the faith whose books and testimonials have resulted in a great number of conversions to Catholicism. He will speak Friday night, Aug. 3, and twice Saturday morning.
Tim Staples, another convert, is one of the church’s most powerful apologists. The former Catholic seminarian is director of Apologetics and Evangelization for Catholic Answers, and will deliver two presentations for adults, one talk for high schoolers, and one for middle school youth.
Dr. Ray Guarendi, a Catholic psychologist and radio and television host, whose radio program, “The Dr. Is In” is carried by over 440 stations and on Sirius, will make two presentations for adults.
Other speakers include Father William Wagner, who served the church in Europe for 43 years; Father Dennis McManus, an instructor of Jewish history; Terry Beasley, a pro-life author; and Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, an expert on marriage and family, and human sexuality.
Ceili Rain, an Irish pop-rock band, will entertain conference-goers Friday night. The band has received 14 Unity Awards by the United Catholic Music and Video Association.

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