Bishop Carl A. Kemme has sent a memo to all of the priests of the Diocese of Wichita regarding the upcoming Irish referendum that could end the Emerald Isle’s ban on abortion.
“I write to you now with an urgent spiritual appeal. As many of you know, on May 25, 2018, the people of Ireland will vote to retain or repeal their eighth amendment, which guarantees life to both the mother and the baby. If repealed, Ireland will have abortion on demand.”
Bishop Kemme said the priests of the United States have been asked by their pro-life brothers and sisters in Ireland to offer Masses and fast in anticipation of the referendum.
To promote their efforts, Irish pro-lifers have initiated a “Mass and Fast for Ireland Campaign.” Details are available at www.Mass
The bishop is asking priests of the Diocese of Wichita, from now until May 25, “to offer at least one Mass for this intention and to invite your parishioners to lift up their hearts in prayer for the unborn of Ireland.”
He also asked that a prayer of intercession regarding the referendum be added at Masses and asked the priests to invite their parishioners to offer their holy hours in adoration for the intention.
“I would also ask that the people of the diocese voluntarily choose one day between now and then to fast for this intention using the traditional Ash Wednesday/Good Friday guidelines for fasting,” Bishop Kemme said.
“Let us unite spiritually with our pro-life brothers and sisters in Ireland so that the unborn there will know the protection of law for succeeding generations. Thank you and God bless you.”