St. Katharine Drexel
Catholic School Fund

The St. Katharine Drexel Catholic School Fund provides financial support to those parishes
that struggle financially to carry out the mission of Catholic education in a parish school.


Our Mission

Open the doors

Open the doors of our Catholic Schools as wide as possible to serve all of our active parish families

Our responsibility

It's our responsibility through stewardship, to support the formation and education of our young people

Our investment

Our investment in Catholic education benefits every ministry of the Church as well as all of society

The vision

Every child will have an equal opportunity to attend a Catholic school.

Every child will have the resources needed to meet their spiritual and academic needs.

Every child will be taught by highly qualified teachers who receive a just salary regardless of the parish location or financial status.

Parishes and Criteria

Why is the Drexel Fund needed?

Recognizing that Catholic school education is important but also a large burden for a single parish, The St. Katharine Drexel Catholic School Fund seeks to assist parishes that struggle financially to carry out the mission of Catholic school education. It also supports parishes without their own school that struggle with the cost of sending their students to another local Catholic elementary or high school.

Parishes that receive funding

Arkansas City, Sacred Heart
Chanute, St. Patrick
Coffeyville, Holy Name
Conway Springs, St. Joseph
Fort Scott, Mary Queen of Angels
Haysville, St. Cecilia
Hutchinson, St. Teresa
South Hutchinson, Our Lady of Guadalupe
Independence, St. Andrew
Kingman, St. Patrick
Newton, Our Lady of Guadalupe
Newton, St. Mary
Ost, St. Joseph
Parsons, St. Patrick
Wichita, All Saints
Wichita, Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
Wichita, Christ the King
Wichita, Holy Savior
Wichita, Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Wichita, St. Anne
Wichita, St. Joseph
Wichita, St. Jude
Wichita, St. Margaret Mary
Wichita, St. Patrick
Winfield, Holy Name

Criteria for Parish Participation in the Drexel Fund

1. All grants received from The Drexel Fund must be spent on Catholic school education.
2. Serious effort must be given to strengthening stewardship as a way of life as measured by the annual stewardship grant application.
3. Parishes with schools must spend at least 50% of Sunday income on Catholic school education. Parishes without schools must spend at least 25% of Sunday income on Catholic school education.
4. At least 30% of the parish students enrolled in Catholic schools must qualify for free or reduced lunch. If a parish's average dips below 30% for one year, the parish will receive a one year exemption.
5. The parish must have at least fifteen low income students.
6. Any high school direct support and subsidy debt must be reduced year over year.
7. The school must have a written strategic plan with measurable goals to meet the benchmarks for competitive Catholic school.