2018 THE Conference for Disciples + Stewards + Evangelists RECAP

"Who are you following?", we respond "Jesus!"



Participants at this year’s conference, learned how to encounter and follow Jesus and how to share this encounter with their family, parish and community.

“As stewards we understand that once one has made a decision to follow Jesus Christ the sharing of our life and our gifts is not an option. But how can we stewards of our Christian faith, share this faith and introduce Christ to more people.”

                                                               -Fr. Ken VanHaverbeke

“We are truly at a threshold for a revitalization of the Stewardship Way of Life.” 
                                                               -Fr. John Jirak


 "I am struck by the expression:  to walk with Jesus.  What a great definition of a disciple and steward of Jesus, to walk with him throughout this life, to wherever he leads us.  This is the invitation of the master to each and everyone of us, extended to us on any given day:  Jesus asks us all:  Will you or won't you walk with me today?"
- Bishop Carl A. Kemme

“Evangelization is starting the fire.  Discipleship is building the fire. Stewardship is spreading the fire.”

“Be a world changer.”
-Curtis Martin, FOCUS Campus Ministries




 “Stewardship is a spirituality. It is the movement of the Holy Spirit within ones heart in order to be able to respond as a disciple in activity, so that the church can do her job of proclaiming Jesus Christ.”
“What have you possessed that you have not received?”
“Everything that we have is gift.”
-Father Jarrod Lies, pastor of St. Francis of Assisi parish

Panelists include: Curtis Martin, Fr. Jarrod Lies, Fr. John Jirak, Anthony Keiser, Renee Riter, Kim Scripsick

Facilitated by Joe Dellasega, The Dellasega Group




Wichita Adore Ministries