2017 Stewardship Symposium - Region IX 4.21.17

Stewardship: A Disciple's Response.  A Symposium on 25 Years of Catholic Stewardship

The life of a Christian disciple is a life of stewardship.  Do you want to understand more fully what it means to be a disciple of Christ?  What does living a stewardship way of life mean?  This Symposium on the Pastoral Letter Stewardship:  A Disciple's Response helped us answer those questions and more.

Archbishop Emeritus James Patrick Keleher delivered the keynote address.  He assisted in the authoring of the Pastoral Letter on Stewardship, first published by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in 1992.  Listen to the podcast below.

Fr. Jarrod Lies, pastor of St. Francis of Assisi parish in Wichita shared his thoughts on stewardship at a rural parish, an urban parish, as a personal conversion and the next 25 years.  Listen to the podcast Portrait of a Christian Steward below.

A guided discussion was facilitated by Dr. Dan Ebener professor and author.  The panel included Fr. Jarrod Lies, Michael Murphy, president of the International Catholic Stewardship Council and Jane Rutter, consultant for Steier Group.  

Listen to the podcast and download the notes below.

Archbishop Emeritus Keleher

'There are two roads Jesus tells us you can take. The first road is the wide road, everything goes and looks real attractive, casual sex, drinking drugs whatever you want. The problem he tells us is at the end of the road is destruction of body and soul. The narrow road can be a little difficult at times but Jesus is there with you walking and if you get off for a bit of time he is always calling you back to get back on that road. That road ends in paradise, that road is beautiful, that road is fulfilling. That’s the road for stewards and real believers in Jesus Christ and that’s the road to take kids.

I prayed for wisdom when I was Confirmed, I think you ought to pray for Fortitude, you should pray for strength to walk that road.’

When John Kennedy was inaugurated as our 1st Catholic president … Robert Frost was there… and read The Road Less Traveled. That’s the road we are on and hope to stay on it. That’s the beauty of being a catholic, a disciple and a steward.'

Archbishop Emeritus Keleher reflects on prayer, faith, discipleship, stewardship and more.

Listen to the podcast here:

Portrait of a Christian Steward - Fr. Jarrod Lies

'A parish's mission is only as big as its stewardship... stewardship is only as strong as its commitment... commitment is only as big as its discipleship...discipleship is only as engaged as its evangelization...evangelization is only as effective as its collaboration with the Holy Spirit.'

In the podcast, Fr. Jarrod Lies outlines the current landscape, the definition of stewardship, the portrait and the next 25 years.

Listen to the podcast here:

Download the presentation here: Portrait of a Christian Steward

Stewardship Symposium Panel Discussion

Dan Ebener facilitated the panel discussion. Excellent questions and discussion!

Opening remarks from Michael Murphy: 'Thank you for being here. This is a wonderful stewardship of your own time. For those of you who have studied the early Church Fathers, you'll really understand what I have to say. Over the years, I have characterized the dioceses represented here today as the Antioch of stewardship formation and practical spirituality that has come from this region. Thank you.'

Dan Loughman: 'Early on, we did not spend a lot of time forming priests. They all bought into it, but they perhaps did not fully understand stewardship. Dioceses owe it to their priests to invest in forming them in stewardship. The best tool for this is the Pastoral Letter. Every time I read it, I learn something new.'

Listen to the podcast here:

Download the notes here: Stewardship Symposium Panel discussion notes