Parish Pastoral Council formation - How it all works

The parish exists to evangelize. The parish is an intentional community charged with growing in faith, sharing faith and transforming the world in faith. The mission of the parish is not the same as the purpose of the parish pastoral council. The work of the parish pastoral council is to consider, plan and recommend ways for the parish to accomplish the mission of Christ.

What does a parish pastoral council do again?

The parish pastoral council is a consultative body within the parish from whom the pastor seeks advice and counsel in planning for the parish.

What sort of advice and counsel?

1. Prayerfully discerning parish needs;

2. Setting pastoral priorities;

3. Empowering people to participate in the mission of Christ;

What does a parish pastoral council NOT do?

  • interpret liturgical norms
  • design youth retreats
  • repair the roof on the church or administer daily parish operations
  • supervise staff
  • establish financial practices
  • set or enforce employment practices
  • choose investment portfolios