Pray for Priests and Seminarians Daily Calendar


There are two ways you can download or subscribe to events from this calendar:

iCal Subscribe: Some desktop calendars (i.e. Apple's iCal or Mozilla Calendar), or PDAs/Smartphones are compatible with the iCalendar standard.  You can subscribe to a calendar and automatically receive

Desktop Calendars:
1. Paste the link below into an email.
2. Send the email to yourself.
3. Open the email in your PDA/Smartphone
4. Click on the link within the email on the desired computer hosting
your calendar.

1.      Paste the link below into an email.
2.      Open the email in your PDA/Smartphone.
3.      Click on the link within the email.

iCal Download:
If your calendar software (i.e. Outlook) does not support subscribing via iCal, you may be able to manually download events by clicking the "copy this event”  link which you will find on each page that lists event details.