Holy Week Directives


In light of the ongoing COVID19 Pandemic, I provide the following directives for the celebration of Holy Week Liturgies.

Palm Sunday

  • Either the Second Form: Solemn Entrance with the people already gathered in the Church or the Third Form: Simple Entrance is to be used.

Holy Thursday

  • The Washing of the feet is to be omitted.
  • At the end of the Mass of the Lord’s Supper the procession with the Blessed Sacrament to the place of repose is to be planned in such a way that only the liturgical ministers and priest(s) process.
    • The faithful are to be encouraged to visit the altar of repose after reposition has taken place. They are not to follow the priest in procession.
  • If your parish regularly has Sunday Masses Scheduled in English and Spanish, then Bishop has given permission for the Mass of the Lord’s Supper to be celebrated twice in your parish, once in Spanish and once in English.

Good Friday

  • The First or Second Form of the Showing of the Holy Cross may be used.
  • The Adoration of the Holy Cross may be done by the congregation. Reverence to the Cross should be by done by either a profound bow or genuflection only. Kissing or touching of the cross must be avoided during the pandemic.

Holy Saturday

  • For the Lucernarium, the people gather in the Church and the fire is prepared at the door of the Church in accord with Roman Missal, Easter Vigil, 13.
    • The showing of the Paschal Candle takes place in the normal way and the passing of the light are still carried out with caution to those in attendance to maintain a safe distance when trading lights and not to exchange candles – only the flames.
  • The Water for Baptism is to be blessed in the normal way
    • It is encouraged to have bottles pre-filled with water that the faithful could take home after the Easter Vigil. •
  • The priest may use a cotton ball or cotton swab for the conferring the Sacrament of Confirmation In Christ,


Rev. Gabriel A. Greer