St. Elizabeth Seton Award-Elaine Squires

St. Elizabeth Seton Award

Elaine Squires, St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic School

Elaine Squires, sixth grade religion/social studies teacher at St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic School, Wichita is the 2016 recipient of the St. Elizabeth Seton Award for distinguished teaching in a metro area Catholic school.

Mrs. Squires exemplifies adult practice of faith to the school community.  She facilitates student greeters at weekend masses.  She sponsors the student crossing guards.  She spearheads implementation of the school’s cultural capacity-building plans and the faculty spirituality committee.  Her sixth graders buddy with kindergartners.  She instigated “praying in color” with the student body.  She is a major force in shaping the Catholic culture of her parish school.

Mrs. Squires is so skilled at weaving faith into daily instruction that when one observes Mrs. Squires’ classroom, it is not always apparent whether she is teaching social studies or religion.  She uses current events to apply church teachings, and incorporates social justice into discipline and student social issues.

She is respected as a leader in the St. Elizabeth Seton school faculty.  She helped implement the school-wide multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) plan.  She utilizes data not only to improve student achievement in her content areas but also to support her colleagues in their content areas.  She coordinates KIDS Voting.   She actively implements Kansas College & Career Readiness standards.

Most of all, Elaine Squires sees each student as an individual with his or her own gifts, challenges, and most of all, God-given potential.  She works tirelessly to help her students grow in love of God and neighbor.  She is a true servant teacher and a worthy recipient of this year’s St. Elizabeth Seton Award.