Diocese of Wichita understands importance of McCarrick Report

The Catholic Diocese of Wichita fully understands the gravity and importance of releasing the former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick Report by the Holy See. We thank Pope Francis for keeping his promise to undertake such an investigation and to make this report available to the entire church. We pray that the release of this report will be a source of healing and justice for those who have been harmed as well as a source of restored confidence for all the faithful in the leadership of the Church. At the same time, we know this information is extremely painful for the Church and we acknowledge that its release may result in continued feelings of distrust and anger.

Bishop Carl A. Kemme will continue his commitment to you, the faithful of our diocese in pledging that every instance of an allegation of sexual abuse of minors against a bishop, priest, religious or member of the laity representing the church will be addressed professionally, transparently and thoroughly according to the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, so that justice will be served and that victims will find healing. Anyone who suspects such abuse or inappropriate behavior or has been harmed by any person who has worked or volunteered for the diocese, is encouraged to contact the diocesan victims assistance coordinator at (316) 440-1757 or online here. Both abuse and its cover-up by bishops, priests, religious and anyone representing the Church can never be tolerated. Let us keep each other in prayer during this time.