Bishop Chairmen Call for Congressional Action to Address Gun Violence

June 10, 2022

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

On June 3, 2022, four of my brother bishops, who serve as the chairmen of four committees of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) co-authored a letter to members of Congress in response to the recent mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas.  It is a powerful and timely letter to those who represent us in the troubling times in which we live. By means of this letter, I wish not only to commend my brother bishops for their insightful and courageous letter but to also encourage each of you as members of the Diocese of Wichita to read and reflect on their message.

The bishops write prophetically concerning the intolerable situation that exists in our world today and in our country, namely the increased occurrences of senseless massacres of innocent human life.  I found their words a balanced and appropriate call for all those in public office to do something to lessen the chances of these massacres of happening again.  I applaud them in saying that, “there must be dialogue followed by concrete action to bring about a broader renewal that addresses all aspects of the crisis, including mental health, the state of families, the valuation of life, the influence of entertainment and gaming industries, bullying and the availability of firearms.”  Pope Francis is quoted in their letter as saying, “It is time to say ‘no more’ to the indiscriminate trafficking of weapons.”

Dear Friends, I stand with my brother bishops in their call to responsible and bipartisan action by those whom we have elected to enact just laws that protect our citizens, especially those who cannot protect themselves. Please read this letter and if you think it worthy, copy and paste and send on to those who represent us in Congress.  In the meantime, I also ask us to pray fervently for an end to all violence, especially that perpetrated by guns and other weapons of destruction. I thank you for your time in reading my statement.  I am

Humbly Yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Carl A. Kemme D.D.

Bishop of Wichita