Archives Office

Welcome to the Archives of the Catholic Diocese of Wichita. The Archives houses all the historic records of the Diocese and serves to preserve the history of the growth of the Catholic Church.


As the Catholic Diocese of Wichita is called by our Lord Jesus Christ to be His Church and live His Gospel, the Archives Office is called to be a responsible steward of Church records.

The mission of the Archives of the Catholic Diocese of Wichita is to collect, organize, preserve, and provide access to records and artifacts that have historical, legal, or administrative value that pertain to the operation of the Diocese, its parishes, agencies, institutions, and people.

The Archives was established in accordance with Canon 482, which invests the Chancellor with the responsibility of the Archives. The Archives is a private institutional repository, whose primary duty is to serve the Bishop, Curial offices, and Catholic parishes. The Archives makes available and extends its materials to researchers as permitted by canon law, civil law, and privacy considerations.

Please note that the diocesan archives are not open to those engaged in genealogical studies or family research. The archivist does not research general family lines or respond to requests for genealogical research.