Ready to fill the pews — The newly renovated St. Joseph Church in Andale will be blessed Monday, March 18, at Mass celebrated by Bishop Carl A. Kemme. Father Daryl Befort and his parishioners have been celebrating Mass in the parish hall after lightning struck the church Sunday, June 24.

St. Joseph Parish, Andale, eager to worship in ‘new’ church

The spiritual cross that resulted from a lightning strike last June will be lifted this Lent when parishioners of St. Joseph Parish in Andale rededicate their renovated church.
Last summer’s disaster has become a Lenten blessing. “It’s a 1912 structure with a 2019 infrastructure,” Pastor Fr. Daryl Befort said last week about the church.
St. Joseph Church will be rededicated at a 6 p.m. Mass Monday, March 18, after many months of inconvenience and many challenges for the pastor and the parish.
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Father Hoffman: Bishop Gerber changed our lives

Father Drew Hoffman, a parochial vicar at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, said in a homily the day after Bishop Gerber’s passing, that many people in the diocese have personal stories about Bishop Gerber.
“One of the great blessings of my young life was as an early college student before I joined the seminary, I was able to spend a day doing yard work for Bishop Gerber along with one of my friends,” he said.
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Priests to gather Oct. 18

Each year, it is a joy to invite all the priests of the Diocese of Wichita to come together for our annual clergy convocation. This year, the convocation will be held at the Spiritual Life Center and begin on Monday, Oct. 15, in the late afternoon and conclude on Thursday, Oct. 18, with lunch.
The clergy convocation is a time for us as priests to grow in our pastoral service, spirituality, and fraternity.
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Bishop to speak at Oct. 10 Catholic Assembly for Business meeting

Bishop Kemme will reflect on Christ’s call to become “fully alive” as missionary disciples in the Diocese of Wichita and will talk about his vision for the diocese and his pastoral priorities at the Catholic Assembly for Business quarterly breakfast Wednesday, Oct. 10, at the Spiritual Life Center in Wichita.
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TrueManhood ministry founder to speak to men and families at Blessed Sacrament

[DiNuzzo] said his talk for men will be counter to what the culture believes: that men of faith and men who pray are perceived as weak. “And that men shouldn’t share their hearts and thoughts about their struggles with anyone, especially other men.”
It’s countercultural to do these things, DiNuzzo said.
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Several activities planned in the diocese for Respect Life Month 2018

We reaffirm our belief during the month of October that every life is sacred from the moment of conception until natural death.
Christians believe God is the giver of all life – human and divine – and that it is our duty to build a culture of and for life.
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Scout thinks outside the box for pantry project

When Zach Mayer decided to help the poor with his Eagle Scout project, he thought outside the box. Typically, Eagle Scout projects are preservation and restoration projects to serve the community.
When Mayer, a senior at Bishop Carroll Catholic High School in Wichita, was contemplating his project he saw a story of an Iowa State football player’s donation drive. It inspired him to help the local community. He learned Our Daily Bread Food Pantry was running very low on food items, and he had his project.
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Pet loss can be more painful than losing a close loved one

The loss of my black Labrador was harder for me than the loss of my parents, which was very confusing, and upsetting in a way.
But, according to Dr. Sarah Shelton, losing a beloved pet is harder for millions of people than losing a relative or best friend.
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Bishop Kemme reflects on the vision of pastoral plan

Recently, I promulgated a new Pastoral Vision, Mission and three overarching Priorities for the Diocese of Wichita, which will represent our common approach in living the Catholic faith more deeply in the next several years. I hope you have taken an opportunity to read and reflect on this document. I encourage you to pray about how you can take a vital part in making it a reality. In this column and in future ones, I want to share a few of my own reflections. Today, I will be concentrating on our vision.
The Vision of the Catholic Diocese of Wichita is that all God’s children will respond to Christ’s call to become fully alive as missionary disciples.
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Faithful urged to become ‘fully alive’ in Christ

Fathers Michael Brungardt and Ken Van Haverbeke explain this year’s “Fully Alive” stewardship poster by asking the viewer to imagine falling in love.
“And then imagine that the person actually turned out to not only be someone you fell for, but also the most perfect person you ever met. They could do no wrong. They were incredibly considerate of everything in your life.”
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