Ready to fill the pews — The newly renovated St. Joseph Church in Andale will be blessed Monday, March 18, at Mass celebrated by Bishop Carl A. Kemme. Father Daryl Befort and his parishioners have been celebrating Mass in the parish hall after lightning struck the church Sunday, June 24.

St. Joseph Parish, Andale, eager to worship in ‘new’ church

The spiritual cross that resulted from a lightning strike last June will be lifted this Lent when parishioners of St. Joseph Parish in Andale rededicate their renovated church.
Last summer’s disaster has become a Lenten blessing. “It’s a 1912 structure with a 2019 infrastructure,” Pastor Fr. Daryl Befort said last week about the church.
St. Joseph Church will be rededicated at a 6 p.m. Mass Monday, March 18, after many months of inconvenience and many challenges for the pastor and the parish.
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Like the footprints on the moon, one couple will leave an imprint for generations

Even though astronauts last took steps on the moon in 1972, the imprint from each of their steps remains today on the lunar soil. What a tremendous legacy! Those footprints will stand as a reminder of an accomplishment for generations to come.
What would you do if you had the power to do something remarkable today while making an impact that would last forever, impacting others, who in turn impact yet more people – the kind of impact that takes little time and costs you nothing?
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