A chapel (at right) will be added to the Hennessy House as part of the expansion of the St. Joseph House of Formation. The Hennessy House is one of two residences for the local diocesan seminarians. It and the Borromeo House are located on the campus of St. Joseph Parish in Wichita. (Artist rendering)

St. Joseph House of Formation to expand

The Diocese of Wichita’s St. Joseph House of Formation is extending its seminarian formation program from two to four years and is working with Newman University to develop a School of Catholic Studies for seminarians in and outside the diocese.
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Next Docentium to address ‘50 years of confusion and moral free-fall’

In July 1968, Blessed Pope Paul VI released an encyclical which would send tremors through the church, which continue to reverberate today.
This watershed encyclical came less than three years after the closing of the Second Vatican Council on Dec. 8, 1965. Furthermore, other events such as the high profile assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy, the Tet Offensive in Vietnam, freedom movements in Eastern Europe, and student and labor protests throughout the month of May which nearly sent France into civil war, just to name a few, make 1968 perhaps the most socially strained year since the conclusion of World War II.
How would the church respond to the cultural changes which promoted unrestrained license in all areas of life, particularly regarding sexuality?
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