Religious Ed’s library open to all Catholics in the diocese

Shelly Bole program coordinator for the Office of Religious Education, talks about the library her office has for use by all the faithful of the diocese. See the video below.

Many families cut down or even eliminate television viewing during Lent, but the diocesan Religious Education Office has a suggestion: why not watch religious programming during the penitential season?
The Diocesan Resource Library was compiled about 10 years ago for youth and adults at various points in their faith journey and not just for youth PSR religious education, said Shelly Bole program coordinator.
The office has religiously themed videos and CDs for people of all ages, she said, from cartoons for toddlers to classic religious movies for older youth and adults, and audio DVDs for the visually impaired. The book resource section includes personal spirituality books, Bible studies for individuals or groups, religious novels, research resources, as well as books for catechists for their use in faith formation for all ages.
Those interested may visit the Religious Education Offices housed in the St. Rose Philippine Duchesne Building at the southwestern corner of Broadway and Third streets, but an online search is suggested. Once you have found your book, contact the office to register and check the book out.
“There is no fee for borrowing material from the library,” Bole said, although there is a replacement fee if the material is lost. It may be kept for two weeks and at that time can be extended, as long as another person hasn’t asked to check it out.
Bole added that material can be reserved for up to a year in advance, which is helpful for catechists who plan their whole year at one sitting.
The resource library is one of the Religious Education Office’s best keep secretes, Bole said.
“A newly-ordained priest recently came in looking for something and he said he had no idea this was here,” she said.

Want to check it out?
To check out videos, books, or audio recordings from the Diocesan Resource Library, go to and click on the resource library link at the bottom right of the page. Searches are available by topic, title, and author. When a list has been compiled, symbols indicate whether it’s a book, tape, or DVD, what age group it’s for, a summary, and other information. Resources may be reserved by emailing, by calling (316) 269-3940 and talking to Anna.

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Download the audio here.