Did you see Msgr. Carr’s latest video?

Catholic Advance series teaches about the church year
Msgr. William Carr talks about the conversion of St. Paul in a Catholic Advance video just uploaded to the internet.
There are three different accounts of Paul’s conversion, Msgr. Carr says, with little differences.
“But basically it’s this: Paul was a persecutor of the church, he was sent from Jerusalem to ferret out some of these Nazarenes, some of these Christians, and bring them to trial.”
But a blinding light on a trip to Damascus changed Paul’s life and had a tremendous impact on what we know now as the Bible.
Jesus asks Saul, “Why are you persecuting me?” He answers, “Who are you, Lord?”
“Jesus is identifying himself with his church,” Msgr. Carr says.
The idea of a suffering Messiah was difficult for Jews to understand, he says.
“From being a terrible persecutor of the church, Paul became that great missionary to the Gentiles,” Msgr. Carr says.
Msgr. Carr also has a video about the Baptism of the Lord in a Catholic Advance video just produced. The feast was celebrated on Sunday, Jan. 10.
“Every prophet had an inaugural experience of something powerful that happened by which he was designated to be this particular prophet,” Msgr. Carr says.
The baptism of Jesus is the beginning of his public ministry, he says, “his call as the Prophet.”
Jesus is dedicated to be the Suffering Servant, the Son of God.
“Jesus is baptized in order to identify with sin,” Msgr. Carr says. “In his baptism he takes upon himself the sins of the world and he shreds those sins…they are nailed to the cross.”
Monsignor William M. Carr is a retired priest of the Diocese of Wichita.
All of the “Through the Church Year” videos produced so far are available at catholicadvance.org. Click on the “Podcasts and media” category in the left column. They are also available at youtube.com/dioceseofwichita.

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