Food a part of many stories in the Bible

1) Pharaoh was having a special meal to celebrate this occasion when he decided to hang his baker:
A - His birthday, B - His victory in battle, C - Birth of his son, D - End of the plagues
2) When Abner was murdered by Joab, he (Abner) had eaten his last meal with this man:
A - Ish-Bosheth, B - David, C - Michal, D - Joab
3) According to Luke, to locate the venue for the last supper, Jesus instructed Peter and John to locate a man carrying this:
A - A donkey, B - A sack, C - A pallet, D - A jar of water
4) When Belshazzar was dining, and saw the writing on the wall, he became so frightened that:
A - He couldn't eat, B - His knees knocked together, C - He started to sweat, D - He started to weep
5) Abraham held a feast when this person was weaned:
A - Jacob, B - Ishmael, C - Isaac, D - Esau
6) Nabal was having a feast and was so drunk that his wife decided to wait until morning to tell him what had just happened. When she told him, what did he do?
A - He became like a stone, B - He flew into a rage, C - He laughed, D - He became very worried
7) The Psalmist in Psalm 42 says that tears were his food day and night while men said to him:
A - What have you done?, B - Work harder!, C - Where is your God?, D - You are doomed.
8) This man wanted to eat what the pigs were eating:
A - The poor blind man, B - The leper outside the city, C - The centurions slave, D - The prodigal son
9) This man was arguing with his father at dinner when his father took up a spear and threw it at him:
A - Jacob, B - Jonathan, C - Joab, D - Joseph
10) During Herod's birthday dinner, one of his relatives asked for:
A - A hand in marriage, B - A head on a platter, C - The salt, D - Half the kingdom
11) After Pentecost everyone met for meals in:
A - Their homes, B - The upper room, C - The temple court-yard, D - The synagogue
12) This man offered angels unleavened bread as they prepared to destroy a city:
A - Jeremiah, B - Abraham, C - Ezekiel, D - Lot
13) When men cried that there was 'Death in the pot', who saved them?
A - Moses, B - Joshua, C - Elisha, D - Elijah
14) Samuel had his cook set aside a special portion (the leg) to feed this man:
A - Eli, B - David, C - Solomon, D - Saul
15) Boaz offered Ruth a meal after she had:
A - Humbly requested it, B - Worked all day, C - Married him, D - Delivered food to her mother in law
16) When Job's brothers and sisters came to eat with him, each brought:
A - Silver and gold, B - A lamb, C - A garment, D - An ephah of corn
17) Reuel invited this stranger in to his house after he helped his daughters:
A - Jacob, B - Moses, C - Abraham, D - Lot
18) This man held a feast for his brothers with intent to kill one of them:
A - Esau, B - Judah, C - Absalom, D - Mephibosheth
19) Jesus, at dinner, identified the man who would betray him by pointing out that the man was:
A - Not eating, B - Suspicious, C - Leaving early, D - Dipping his hand into the bowl
20) What color was the stew that Jacob prepared for Esau?
A - Green, B - Brown, C - Red, D - Does not say

[spoiler]1) A - His birthday (Genesis 40:20); 2) B - David (2Samuel 3:20); 3) D - A jar of water (Luke 22:10); 4) B - His knees knocked together (Daniel 5:6); 5) C - Isaac (Genesis 21:8); 6) A - He became like a stone (1Samuel 25:37); 7) C - Where is your God? (Psalm 42:3); 8) D - The prodigal son (Luke 15:16); 9) B - Jonathan (1Samuel 20:32-33); 10) B - A head on a platter (Mark 6:21-25); 11) A - Their homes (Acts 2:46); 12) D - Lot (Genesis 19:1-3); 13) C - Elisha (2Kings 4:40-41); 14) D - Saul (1Samuel 9:23-24); 15) B - Worked all day (Ruth 2); 16) A - Silver and gold (Job 42:11); 17) B - Moses (Exodus 2:18-21); 18) C - Absalom (2 Samuel 13:28-29); 19) D - Dipping his hand into the bowl (Matthew 26:23); 20) C - Red (Genesis 25:30).[/spoiler]
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