Father Eck gets gift for St. Joseph School, Ost

Pam and Les Eck, on the left and right, presented a check from Rusty Eck Ford to St. Joseph School, Ost, Principal Eva Harmon and Father Ivan Eck, pastor.

Father Ivan Eck found a big check under his Christmas tree for St. Joseph School in Ost.
The $10,000 check from Rusty Eck Ford was donated to the school on Dec. 23.
Les Eck said he was lucky enough to go to the school that was founded in 1888 and has been in its current building since 1922.
“Sometimes you just get that feeling in your gut that you need to give back to those that gave to you,” Eck said. “I was sitting there thinking here is Father Ivan at 83 years old still working to keep the school open that he and his family attended when they grew up.“
The car dealer added that parishioners give their time, talent, and treasure so that the students can grow up to become stewards themselves.
“It’s amazing how many successful people have come from this little country school,” Eck added.