Did you see Msgr. Carr’s latest video?

Monsignor William M. Carr, a retired priest of the Diocese of Wichita talks about Mary the Mother of God in a video recently produced by the Catholic Advance.
The church feast on Jan. 1 has had several titles, says Msgr. William Carr, in his latest “Through the Church Year” video presentation, “but the current title, Mary, Mother of God, is probably the oldest feast in honor of our lady in the liturgy.”
The name may be associated with the dedication of the oldest church in Rome, but whatever the reason, he says in the video, the name raises questions for our separated brothers and sisters. “What do you mean Mary is the mother of God? After all, God has no mother!”
That’s true, Msgr. Carr says, except that the title “Mother of God” came about in the year 431 at the Council of Ephesus as the result of a dispute with a heretic named Nestorius. The council said Mary gave birth to one person, “the person of the Incarnate Word, she gave birth to the one who was God from all eternity – not his divine nature – who became man.”
So why is it a holy day of obligation?
“This is a holy day of obligation because it is New Year’s Day,” Monsignor Carr says. “We invoke God’s blessing for the entire year.”
It’s a wonderful day to remember Mary, the Mother of God, he says, but we go to Mass that day for ourselves.
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Msgr Carr on Mary, the Mother of God.
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