Code of Ethical Standards are online

The Diocese of Wichita is continuously working to maintain and improve safe environment education for children and adults involved in parish and diocesan activities.
As part of that effort the diocese has a Code of Ethical Standards for Church Personnel available at its website at To find it click on the Protection of Youth link under the Resources link at the top of the home page at
The code discusses the general principals of the ethical standards and highlights the standards that should be maintained in professional relationships. It discusses topics such as conflicts of interest, harassment, sexual conduct, conduct with minors, and confidentiality, among others.
Every employee and volunteer of the diocese receives a copy of the Code at the beginning of their working relationship with the diocese. Employees and volunteers all read it and sign off regarding their intention to comply with these high standards before beginning their duties with the diocese.

Protection of youth information online
The Diocese of Wichita is committed to protecting children and young people. For information about how the diocese is working to create a safe environment for children and young people, or to report sexual abuse of minors by a church employee, go to, pull down the Resources link and click on “Protection of Youth.”
La Diócesis de Wichita está comprometida a proteger a niños y jóvenes. Para obtener información sobre cómo la diócesis está trabajando para crear un ambiente seguro para los niños y jóvenes, o para reportar un abuso sexual de menores por un empleado de la iglesia, puede ir a, vaya al botón de Recursos (Resources) y presione “Protección de la Juventud” (Protection of Youth).