Northeast Project Time Line

2004 – Lord’s Diner Advisory Board begins to develop a strategic plan for the future of The Lord’s Diner.

January 2006 – Lord’s Diner Advisory Board and Bishop Jackels meet for a day long retreat. It is decided to begin outreach into the larger community. An independent research organization will be sought to do a demographics study and determine where areas of hunger exist in our community.

March 2006 – The Self Help Network, now known as the Center for Community Support and Research, conduct the study.

May 2006 – The study is completed and based on the information the Advisory Board narrows its focus on the Central Northeast as a possible site for a second location.

Fall 2006 – Bishop Gerber and Wendy Glick meet with members of the Northeast Ministerial League. All agree that there is a need and comment that they would be unable to provide financial resources, but commit to supporting the program with volunteers.

Winter and Spring 2007 - Meetings between various faith leaders from the central northeast continue to take place. All agree on the need and pledge their support through volunteers.

October 2007 – Advisory Board meets for a full day retreat to discuss implementation. The staff of The Lord’s Diner are charged with the job of contacting additional stakeholders from the northeast community.

July 2008 – To assist Lord’s Diner staff with implementation a project manager is hired.

August – December 2008 – The project manager worked for four months on behalf of The Lord’s Diner effort to open a satellite location in northeast Wichita. She held more than a dozen public meetings with citizens from the neighborhood and spoke with countless northeast community leaders sharing our vision and asking for their support. A Site Committee was formed to identify possible locations and multiple properties were evaluated by criteria developed from comments expressed at community meetings. Some of the concerns we are hearing now were voiced then and we were able to discuss ideas to address those concerns while still agreeing to work together to feed the hungry of the community. In her closing report the project manager recommended the following, “During the course of this study, I found that a NE site is needed and wanted by the majority of the community. I highly recommend that the Board vote to go forward with an implementation plan. A phasing plan may be required due to property constraints but I personally believe that a permanent site will be identified in the near future.”

Winter 2009 – Began work with the City of Wichita to utilize the old Boys and Girls Club building on 21st and Grove for a northeast Lord’s Diner location.

Summer 2009 – Submit a formal proposal to the City for the purchase of the building located on the northeast corner of 21st and Grove.

Fall 2009 – Proposal goes before the city council for approval. A week before the vote it is discovered that the building was renovated by the city with funds from HUD. HUD requires a public hearing on the change of use of the building whenever federal funds have been used.

November 17, 2009 – Public hearing will be held during the City Council meeting.