Stewardship reflection: Disciple

Editor’s note: Our annual diocesan stewardship renewal will take place during the next few weeks, culminating in our Commitment Sunday on Nov. 22. The theme for this year’s annual renewal is “Stewardship – The Grateful Response of a Christian Disciple.”
During the last few editions of The Catholic Advance, members of our diocesan family will share their understanding of the four major words of our renewal.
This week’s author is a member of St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Wichita.

When a young man asked Jesus what he should do to gain eternal life, Jesus responded that he should sell everything he owned, give the money to the poor, and follow him. This was hard for the young man to hear because he had many possessions.
It is hard for me, too. The world promotes indulgence in creature comforts and the notion that we deserve as much as we can obtain. It’s hard to say enough is enough. It is doubly hard to know what enough is.
When I find myself wondering what I would do in the young man’s place, I know it is time to stop and consider whether I am following Jesus or following the world.
It’s nice to think that if Jesus gave us a way to turn our lives toward the kingdom of God we would naturally jump at the chance. However, it’s hard to let go of attachments to worldly things and follow Him. But that is the essence of our baptismal call to discipleship. And Jesus promised that He came that we might have life more abundantly!
- Mike Kuckelman