Every parish, parishioner connected to Cathedral

A conversation with Bishop Michael O. Jackels
One of the challenges for all Christians is to understand who we are in relation to God and others.
There is no solitary Christian. As soon as you profess faith and are baptized, you belong to the Body of Christ, the Church, the community of believers, the family of God, which transcends space and time.
We belong to the Diocese of Wichita, which is shepherded by the Bishop, who invites everyone to participate in the liturgy of thanksgiving and praise in the Cathedral.
You might be a parishioner of Baxter Springs, or Bushton or Zenda or Fort Scott, but you also are a member of the Cathedral Parish in the sense that it is the mother church of the Diocese. And ideally that’s where we would worship if we could.
So there is a spiritual connection between each member of the diocesan family and the Cathedral church.
That is why we have the Rite of Election at the Cathedral. It is the Bishop’s church, and it is the Bishop who celebrates the Rite of Election and who receives these people.
That’s ideally where ordinations take place – where men are ordained for the service of priesthood in the Diocese of Wichita. They are not ordained for the Cathedral parish only but for every Parish in the Diocese.
And the oils that every priest and every Parish would use for baptisms and for the anointing of the sick, those are blessed by the Bishop in the Cathedral church and are sent out to every Parish for its use.
There’s a connection between every Parish and every parishioner in every Parish and the things that take place on the Cathedral campus.
Whether they are service ministries or education, they are diocesan ministries. They are not just for the Cathedral parishioners or the people who live in Wichita.
These ministries are designed to benefit anyone and everyone. What takes place here as far as the service of others or the education of adults and children, the worship that takes place in the church – this whole Cathedral campus becomes a microcosm, a representation in miniature of what the Church is and does in Baxter Springs, Zenda and Fort Scott and all parts in between.
And outside of the Diocese, outside of the country, all ministries that take place on this Cathedral campus are part and parcel of who we are. They flow from what we are.

Cathedral campus numbers
Every day our diocesan family receives services from the Cathedral campus. Below are a few of the numbers representing the services provided in 2008.
6,344 units of educational enrichment were provided to married couples through the Marriage for Keeps program.
1,267 men, women and children received therapy through Community Counseling Services.
206 individuals received support and education through Adoption Services.
145 seniors offered 119,401 hours of care through the Foster Grandparent program.

Goals of the TOGETHER vision
• Strengthen the oneness between parish and diocese.
• Deepen our practice of stewardship as a way of life, sharing responsibility for the mission of the Church.
• Invite everyone to help fund seminarian education, Catholic formation programs and a renovation of the Cathedral campus.