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John Bergkamp accepts the keys to his new Mustang GT from Wichita Ford Dealer Les Eck - and the blessings of Fr. Ivan Eck. Bergkamp bought the winning Adopt-A-School ticket to win the car. Fr. Eck is pastor of St. Joseph Parish, Ost, which participated in the fundraising program.

Car dealer’s program helps parish schools
Years ago Wichita Ford dealer Les Eck asked a little girl selling candy and cookie dough as a school fundraiser how much of the sale’s proceeds the school kept. She said she didn’t know.
Eck said after realizing that the vendors likely made more money than the school for whom the children were selling the products, he founded the Adopt-A-School car giveaway program, a non-profit organization.
“I let schools, classrooms, churches, teams, and groups sell coupons for $10,” Eck said. “The original plan was to let churches and schools keep all the proceeds, and teams and groups would keep half and the other would go to Adopt-A-School for its cause. But so far we’ve let everyone keep all the proceeds. It’s a great way to raise money and there’s no limit on what you can raise.”
The odds of winning a car are much better than winning any lottery, Eck added.
This year’s winner was John Bergkamp, who special ordered a Mustang GT. St. Joseph, Ost, school (where Eck attended grade school) and church sold the winning ticket. The school and parish raised $3,500 through Adopt-A-School. Last year’s winning ticket was sold by St. Mary School in Derby.
The program also hosts a golf tournament, Eck added. “The Catholic school teachers are our biggest helpers and recipients of funds.”
Eck added that Adopt-A-School will give a car away again next year and welcomes inquiries to (316) 689-4400.
“They don’t have to be from Wichita,” he said. “We want them to raise whatever money they can to help out their cause.”

BCCHS curriculum fair Nov. 13 at school
A curriculum fair will be hosted from 8 a.m. to noon by Bishop Carroll Catholic High School on Friday, Nov.13.
The fair is held to introduce prospective students to Bishop Carroll. During the fair each student will attend 12 sessions that will highlight activities, clubs, curriculum, and the responsibilities of high school students at BCCHS.
All eighth graders are invited. Those interested but not currently enrolled in one of the Catholic grade schools listed below, may register by calling the Counseling Office at 729-5278 by Oct. 20.
Eighth grade students from these school need not call: St. Patrick, St. Mary’s in Derby, St. Joseph-Ost, St. Patrick-Kingman, St. Margaret Mary, St. Jude, St. Joseph-Wichita, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Christ the King, St. Anne, St. Peter, St. Cecilia, Holy Spirit, St. Joseph-Conway Springs, and St. Mark’s.