Painting donated to The Lord’s Diner

Brian Powers, right, president and CEO of Home Healthcare Connection, Wichita, donated a painting Thursday, Oct. 8, to The Lord's Diner on behalf of his company. Accepting, from left, are Vera Robl, Patty Koehler, Sr. Anne Dolores LaPlante, Lord's Diner advisory board members; and Wendy Glick, executive director of The Lord's Diner. (Advance photo)

The ministry of The Lord’s Diner and those who volunteer there have been honored with the donation of a painting that captures a moment in time a few minutes before the Diner opens.
The photorealistic, acrylic painting by Wichita artist Claire Siegler was donated Thursday, Oct. 8, by Home Healthcare Connection. The painting will be on display on an easel at The Lord’s Diner for the next few weeks.
Brian J. Powers, president and CEO of Home Healthcare Connection, said the painting fulfills the desire by his late father Walter Powers, Ph.D., who wanted to honor the ministry for the service it provides to the community. Dr. Powers founded the company’s predecessor, Creative Care.
Siegler, an employee of Home Healthcare Connection, took about three years to complete the painting because he works on several art projects at the same time, Powers said. The artist was not available for the presentation.