Stewardship reflection: response

Editor’s note: Our annual diocesan stewardship renewal will take place during the next few weeks, culminating in our Commitment Sunday on Nov. 22. The theme for this year’s annual renewal is “Stewardship – The Grateful Response of a Christian Disciple.”
During the next couple of editions of The Catholic Advance, members of our diocesan family will share their understanding of the four major words of our renewal.
This week’s authors are member of St. Francis of Assisi, Wichita.

In today’s society, being identified as a Christian is rapidly becoming more of what we may call ourselves and less of how we may be responding and living as to what it means to be a Christian. 
Seeking to live as a Christian disciple in today’s society is challenging and countercultural. We are bombarded in the media with evolving technology drawing us into a culture of wanting and accumulating more while failing to share our God-given gifts in love of God and neighbor.
The formation of a Christian and living our faith in action is a life-long journey.  Our ongoing formation and the desire to put faith into action began to take deep root in our lives and that of our family some forty years ago. We became more exposed to and aware of our need to put our Baptismal call to discipleship into action.  We were learning the language and practice of what it meant to be a Christian steward. 
Over time, we witnessed others living their Christian faith. Through invitation, encouragement and opportunities to become actively involved in our parish, we recognized that, through the practice of stewardship, we were not only putting into action our individual call to discipleship, we were also importantly serving the needs of others and assisting in carrying out the mission of our parish, the diocese and the wider universal Church. We were invited to commit annually, sharing of our time, talent and treasure in a generous, sacrificial and proportionate manner.
In living the Stewardship way of life, putting discipleship into action, we believe we have been able to bridge the gap between that of being called Christian and how we seek to live our Christian faith.
— Dan and Carolyn Loughman