Stewardship reflection: response

Editor’s note: Our annual diocesan stewardship renewal will take place during the next few weeks, culminating in our Commitment Sunday on Nov. 22. The theme for this year’s annual renewal is “Stewardship – The Grateful Response of a Christian Disciple.”
During the next several editions of The Catholic Advance, members of our diocesan family will share their understanding of the four major words of our renewal.
This week’s authors are members of Church of the Magdalen, Wichita.

On Sept. 29, we celebrated our 30 year wedding anniversary. As a couple, you could say that 30 years ago we made our first “response” to God – when we committed to each other through the sacrament of marriage.
Living the sacrament of marriage doesn’t stop with your wedding day. It must be lived out daily through the many ways that we respond to God’s call in our lives – in this case – our married lives to each other.
From that first response of yes to each other, there have been many opportunities that we have been able to respond to God’s call in our lives. Some of our responses have been easier than others. One example is when we are open to new life through our use of Natural Family Planning. We respond yes to God each time He blesses us with new life. Accepting children lovingly from God is the response of a grateful steward of each married couple.
There are also times when our response as a steward has not been easy. In these times we pray for the ability to be open to Him working in our lives. One example is the time that Mike lost his job nearly 10 years ago. It took time, prayer, reflection, and patience to stay open to God in our lives when we wondered what He had in store for us next.
You could look to the story of the Annunciation, of Mary’s “yes’ to being the Mother of God, as the best example of how a grateful steward can respond. If our 30 years as a married couple were a children’s storybook, the moral would be that when we respond as grateful stewards, God always provides for our needs. No exceptions.
– Mike and Terese Wescott, Wichita

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