Sister Maria professes her final vows as a Sister of St. Joseph

Sister Maria Francisca Izawa is the Congregation of St. Joseph’s 27th Japanese member among its total membership of nearly 800. She professed her final vows on Sunday, August 30, in the congregation’s Mount St. Mary Resurrection Chapel, Wichita.

Sister Maria Francisca Izawa professed her final vows as a member of the Congregation of Sisters of St. Joseph on Sunday, Aug. 30, in Resurrection Chapel at Mount St. Mary, Wichita.
Two members of the congregation’s Leadership Team, Sisters Jeanne Cmolik and Marie Hogan accepted Sister Maria Francisca’s profession of final vows.
Sister Maria Francisca was received into the order by two members of the congregation’s Leadership Team, Sisters Jeanne Cmolik, and Marie Hogan.
The service was “a big day and just wonderful,” said Sister Maria Francisca.
Though her parents, who are from Kyoto City, Japan, were unable to attend, a videotape of the service was made. They will see the recording when an upcoming celebration in Japan is held.
During the ceremony, she and several sisters from Japan, who are now living at Mount St. Mary, sang a hymn in Japanese. The congregation has 27 sisters serving in ministry in Japan.
The Congregation of St. Joseph is a religious community of nearly 800 vowed Catholic women and more than 500 associates who sponsor more than 35 ministries in various states across the nation’s heartland, from Minnesota to Louisiana and West Virginia to Kansas.