Pro Sanctity Movement a journey to holiness

By Heather Welch
Since 1947, the number of church-approved secular institutes has grown to over 200, with a membership of over 65,000. Pro Sanctity, a worldwide movement of lay people known as the Pro Sanctity Family, is based in Catholic traditions and seeks holiness in everyday life. The local chapter of the movement has around 40 members.
The movement was founded by Servant of God Guglielmo Giaquinta, who was bishop of the Diocese of Tivoli, Italy from 1968 to 1987 and who died in 1994. Before that, he served the Church in Rome in various capacities and was appointed General Secretary of the Vicariate in 1961.
The message of Pro Sanctity is simple: “Feed the mind with knowledge of God; Warm the heart with His Spirit of Love; and Use the hands in service to His people.”
A Pro Sanctity member from Wichita said the work at holiness isn’t just personal.
“Within a society that demands much and moves fast, we work to bring a sense of peace, community and support to those who come to know us,” said Wichita board member Teresa (who preferred not to use her last name). “It is our goal not to just be holy alone, but to become a holy community, a holy society.”
Teresa is an apostolic oblate, persons who have taken promises or vows as lay persons that animate the movement and its structures.
The movement has additional modes of involvement:
Friends - Those who share in the ideal in spirit, but who have not yet become actively involved in the work of the movement or who cannot attend as often.
General Members – People who strive to do what they can to promote the call to holiness on a personal level. They are asked to pray the Pro Sanctity Prayer daily and to renew their membership annually.
Committed Members – People who directly organize and take a leadership role in promoting the movement.
Members with Promises or Vows – They are primarily the Apostolic Oblates and Cooperatives (women) and the Social Animators (men).
Praying and Suffering Members – People who commit to praying the Pro Sanctity prayer daily and/or offering their suffering for the movement and the intentions of the Church.
Priest Friends – Priests who assist the members and the apostolic activities of the movement by their practical action. These include the Apostolic Sodales and other priests.
Pro Sanctity centers are located in Italy, Belgium, Latvia, and in New York, California, Nebraska, Wichita, and in Elkhorn, Neb., the national center.
Teresa added that her consecration into the movement has made her more dependent on God for all her needs.
“Before, I was very independent-minded, but God has formed me to be more in need of others and through this I have come to better understand the beauty of Communion,” she said.
“Life is not about the self, but instead, it is about the other and it demands a self-emptying of oneself in order to achieve it. Because of this, I am happier and more at peace than I have ever been.”

Want more info?
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