We Believe

  • That the Catholic school is the best means available to parents and to the Church for the education of children and young people, because only in a Catholic school can Jesus Christ be taught daily in every subject and activity, experienced daily in prayer, celebrated daily in worship, witnessed daily by Catholic adults, and lived out daily in service.
  • That the Catholic school must integrate faith into the entire life of the student (spiritual, intellectual, moral, and physical) as part of a lifelong process of conversion and maturity.
  • That the purpose of education is to help the student respond to God’s unique plan for them so that they can live their vocation for the glory of God in service to all humanity.
  • That education must teach youth about right and wrong, a better and worse way to live, by infusing moral norms into daily living. Before we make children smarter, we must first help them to be good.
  • That parents are the first and the best educators of their children. Catholic schools help parents best when parents, teachers, and parish cooperate together.
  • That it is our teachers who determine by their witness and teachings whether or not Catholic schools accomplish their mission.
  • That curriculum and instruction is the vehicle by which teachers craft a culture that forms the whole human person instead of merely transmitting academic content.