We are Parish Schools

In the Diocese of Wichita, we are committed to stewardship as a total way of living for every activity that makes up parish life.

Stewardship begins when a disciple recognizes that everything is a gift from God and we are the stewards, or caretakers, of those gifts, but they belong to God, not to us.

Stewards develop their gifts and share them with others generously, sacrificially and willingly, particularly through their parish. That means the ministries of the parish, including Catholic schools, are the responsibility of the entire parish, not just those who use them.

In the stewardship way of life, Catholic schools are parochial; they belong to the parish. They are not private schools that are owned and operated by those who use them. Therefore, every school family is encouraged to be an active parish steward.

Because the entire Diocese is committed to Stewardship, parishes make every effort to make a Catholic education, from kindergarten thru high school, available to active parish stewards without charging tuition. As far as we know, the Diocese of Wichita is the only diocese in the United States where every child of active parish stewards can attend Catholic grade and high school without paying tuition.