Finding God in Nature

“To go out to walk silently in this wood-this is a more important and significant means to understanding, at the moment, than a lot of analysis and a lot of reporting on things “of the Spirit.”

Thomas Merton, a Trappist Monk, wrote this from his hermitage in the Kentucky woods.

At the Spiritual Life Center there are many talks and lectures about God and the Spirit, but often a slow walk in the woods allows us time to understand meaning of words and the Word made Flesh.

North of the retreat center is a series of paths for such reflection.  You won’t get lost, but in fact, you might be found by God!

Walk with care for it is wilder than a manicured lawn but return with an expanded spirit.

“In the silence of the countryside and the forest, in the cloistered solitude of my monastery, I have discovered the whole Western Hemisphere.  Here I have been able, through the grace of God, to explore the New World.” -T. Merton