Two make professions as IHMs

Sister Mary Lucia makes vows June 24
Sister Mary Lucia Stuhlsatz made her perpetual profession and solemn consecration as a Sister of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Saturday, June 24, at St. Mary Church in Aleppo.
The daughter of Perry and Janet Stuhlsatz, members of St. Mary Parish, Aleppo, Sister Mary Lucia grew up as the third oldest of 10 children. Many members of her family served for her profession Mass.
Bishop Carl A. Kemme was the main celebrant during which Sister Mary Lucia once again professed the vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience – this time perpetually. She made her first profession three and a half years ago, during which she grew in her relationship with God and the community and deepened her understanding of the vows.
As is customary for the IHMs, Sister Mary Lucia signed her vows on the altar. The vows were then placed under the corporal that would be used for the Eucharistic celebration, thus uniting her act of perpetual profession with the Jesus’ loving sacrifice on the Cross.
Following the profession of vows, she knelt before the bishop for a solemn consecration, whereby she would forever be set apart by God. In the prayer of consecration, Bishop Kemme, with hands outstretched over her, prayed, in part “...Father, we earnestly pray you: send the fire of the Holy Spirit into the heart of your daughter to keep alive within her the holy desire he has given her.” She then received a wedding band to symbolize her perpetual spousal relationship with Christ.
In reflection, Sister Mary Lucia said, “The morning of my profession found me in a state of nervousness, as any bride would be; by the evening, my heart was overwhelmed with gratitude for God’s goodness and His calling of me to a deeper union with Him and a life of service with and for Him.”

Sister Mary Jane Frances professes
Immaculate Heart of Mary Sister Mary Jane Frances Jackle made her first profession of vows Saturday, June 17, in Our Lady of Sorrows Chapel, located in the IHM Novitiate House of Formation near Colwich.
Sister Mary Jane Frances was the first to make her first profession in the new chapel.
Father Patrick York was the main celebrant at the Mass during which Sister Mary Jane Frances professed vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience, and received the habit of the community.
She is the daughter of John and Michelle Jackle, members of Church of the Magdalen Parish, Wichita. She grew up in Wichita and was taught by the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary at Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School. After one year of college, Sister entered the community, and has spent the last two and a half years with them learning about the Catholic faith, prayer, religious life, and the vows.
The Mass began as Sister Mary Jane Frances processed into the chapel carrying a black veil, a sign of her consecration, that would replace a white one she wore as a novice, symbolizing “newness.”
After the homily, she came forward, knelt before the altar, and placed her folded hands in the hands of Mother Mary Magdalene, to profess her vows. She said, in part, “The vows are a triple expression of a single ‘yes’ to the one relationship of total consecration...By them, the religious gladly dedicates the whole of life to God’s service, regarding the following of Christ as the one thing that is necessary, and seeking God before all else and only him,”
Following the Mass, the newly professed IHM sister welcomed her family and friends in attendance to a reception.
“I’m in awe of God’s tender care for me,” Sister Mary Jane Frances told her family and friends. “All my life He has prepared me for this vocation. Now I get to love and serve Him with my whole life as His bride. As if that weren’t enough, every time I go into our chapel, I can remember my profession day and give Him my “yes” again!”
Sister Mary Jane Frances will return to her college classes and her work towards a degree in education in preparation for her active participation in the Sisters’ apostolate of education.