Bishop blesses cemetery addition

Bishop Carl A. Kemme blessed the new Holy Family Mausoleum at Resurrection Cemetery in west Wichita Saturday, May 13. The mausoleum was recently completed and has room for over 360 full casket burials and 240 cremated remains.
The mausoleum is part of an expansion of the ground burial area at the cemetery. The expanded ground area will be a departure from the existing area, upright tombstones will be allowed in the new area.
Diocesan Director of Cemeteries Jim Sheldon said the expansion and new mausoleum will position Resurrection Cemetery well into the future to care for the families of the Diocese of Wichita.
Sheldon said an Italian mosaic studio was commissioned to make four features that will be added to the mausoleum. Scheduled to arrive late this year are four four-foot by six-foot mosaics: Mary and Child, Joseph and Child, Jesus the Good Shepherd, and Jesus Divine Mercy.