You Can Assist

Thank you for you prayers and support of the canonization process of Fr. Kapaun. These prayers and support are greatly appreciated; please continue.

The canonization process is twofold. The first phase of the process takes place on the diocesan level and the second at the Sacred Congregation for the Causes of Saints in Rome. We are just beginning on the diocesan phase.

The diocesan phase is a period of gathering information. The first task is to assemble information about the life of Fr. Kapaun. From this information, reasons for the canonization are formulated. Once these reasons are formulated, further investigation is necessary. Anything that Fr. Kapaun wrote is being gathered and will be scrutinized by a censor. This censor checks the writings for sound doctrine. A list of witnesses is also formulated. These are people who would have first hand knowledge of Fr. Kapaun and his work. These witnesses are then interviewed. Information from the witnesses will be gathered together and added to the information on Fr. Kapaun that has already been collected. Once information and documentation of Fr. Kapaun's life is compiled, a paper is written, promoting the position held for his canonization. Copies of this paper are sent to Rome for the beginning of the Roman phase of this process. During this time, an inquiry into any alleged miracles also takes place.

There is a set procedure for the investigation of miracles. Experts are used in determining the authenticity of the alleged miracle. Documentation of miracles is also sent to the Sacred Congregation for the Causes of Saints. Both theologians and experts discuss these miracles.

Once information reaches Rome, the Sacred Congregation for the Causes of Saints verifies that the rules of law have been followed. A position on the virtues of Fr. Kapaun and investigation into possible martyrdom is compiled. Theological consulters examine the documents. These consulters then vote on whether there is ample and compelling evidence for the case to continue. Once an affirmative vote is reached, votes and documents are submitted to the designated Cardinals and Bishops for the recommendation to the Pope.

The canonization process is quite extensive and will not happen overnight. We would like to enlist your help in furthering this process. The Father Kapaun Guild has been established to help promote the cause of Fr. Kapaun and to act as a means to gather necessary information about his life and alleged miracles.

The guild will publish a newsletter from time to time to keep people informed on the progress of the cause. We would also like to interview those who personally knew Fr. Kapaun or who believe you have been blessed by a miracle due to Fr. Kapaun's intercession. If you have information to share please contact the guild.

Much of the process is being handled by good people who are volunteering their time, talents and treasure to the cause of Fr. Kapaun. We apologize if some of the information that you receive seems repetitive or slow in coming. We will do our best to be efficient during this process. We are funded by donations from people like you.

If you would like to contribute to the Fr. Kapaun fund, or again, to provide information, please contact the Father Kapaun Guild.

The Father Kapaun Guild depends solely on you for financial support; any donation to the Father Kapaun Guild is greatly appreciated.

Please send your donations to:
Father Kapaun Guild
Catholic Diocese of Wichita
424 North Broadway
Wichita, Kansas 67202