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Parish Stewardship Formation Packet  

Forming parishioners as stewards is a life time effort, but there are certain formational moments when the teaching of stewardship is ideal. These resources are for those key moments.  Available in English and Spanish.  

Stewardship Formation Moments - Sacraments



New Parishioners

Parish School Families

Suggested Talking Points for Pastors & Parish School of Religion (P.S.R.) Families

Sugerencias Para Los Parrocos Y Familias En Parish School of Religion (P.S.R.)


Homily Resources


Parish Pastoral Council Formation 
In the Diocese of Wichita, this participation of the laity in the life of the parish is what we call living the Stewardship Way of Life. Gratefully recognizing and receiving God’s gifts, and sharing these gifts in love of God and neighbor.  Parishioners are a gift to the pastor.

Through a parish pastoral council, he gratefully “recognizes and receives” the gifts of their leadership, spirituality, energy, and ideas. Through the parish pastoral council, parishioners can share these gifts in love of God and neighbor.


Tithing Resources