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Council Organizational Chart

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Annual Parish Stewardship Renewal Survey Samples

As a parishioner, opinions regarding your religious and parish experiences are very important and can directly affect the day-to-day successes and failures of a parish. Here are some sample surveys to help ‘collect’ information with the ultimate goal to provide the best possible programs for parish family life.

Stewardship in a Small Parish - Fr. Ken Van Haverbeke

Stewardship in a Small Parish

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Parish Stewardship Council Handbook

This handbook provides a brief introduction to the spirituality of stewardship that precedes information addressing and assisting pastors and parishes in the selection and ongoing formation of parish stewardship council members. This handbook also provides an overview of best practices, duties and responsibilities of parish stewardship councils as they seek to facilitate a successful stewardship process within their parish communities.

Current Annual Parish Stewardship Renewal

Parish Stewardship Handbook

An early document designed to facilitate the implementation of a comprehensive stewardship process in the parish. The goal of the handbook is to provide step-by-step guidelines that will help create the opportunity for parishioners to live stewardship as a way of life and for parishes to carry out their mission.The diocese currently uses Annual Parish Stewardship Renewal Guidelines which evolved from this document.

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Characteristics of a Stewardship Parish

The characteristics identified in this document are those that seemed evident at the time of publication and those that remain evident in viable and vibrant parishes where the "stewardship way of life" is practiced and facilitated, thus providing successful results.




How to increase stewardship participation in the parish

Characteristics of a Christian Steward

Identifies and describes personal characteristics that are essential and present in the lives of those individuals (stewards) who desire to fully know, love and serve Jesus. While there are many characteristics that could apply to stewards striving to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, the following ten (10) seem essential and ever present: Prayer, Humility, Trust, Patience, Responsibility, Gratitude, Generosity, Simplicity, Mercy and Perseverance.



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