The Follow Up Phase


Incorporate: "Stewarding our Gifts:  Go in Peace Glorifying the Lord by Your life"

  • PRAY. Pray for all the members of our parishes, who in response to our Annual Parish Stewardship Renewal, have pledged their time, talent and treasures that the Lord may give them the perseverance and reward their efforts with blessings.
  • Stewardship Prayers of the Faithful can be found on the renewal tab
  • Acknowledgement & Thank you's:
    • Acknowledgement:
      • Pastor to thank parishioners for returning T/T/T forms during homily and remind those that did not return their forms to please do so.
      • Those that returned T/T/T forms send a thank you/acknowledgement postcard and/or email
      • Phone calls
      • Bulletin article (in addition to the above)
    • Thank you's:
      • Ministry Fair planning committee
      • Ministry leaders
      • Lay-Witnesses
  • Time, Talent and Treasure forms:
    • Input commitments into data base - ongoing
    • Keep track of the number of T/T/T forms returned.  Count:  after Commitment Sunday and at the end of each month.  This is important so that you can track progress from year to year.
  • Ministry/Council leaders
    • Schedule a Ministry/Council Leadership meeting, open house or Leadership Retreat in January.  This is a good opportunity to personally thank them for their leadership, re-fresh/renew, build community and distribute lists compiled from the Time & Talent forms.  Don't forget to include food!  (sample agenda's can be found on the renewal tab)
      • send invites to Ministry/Council leaders
      • bulletin announcement
  • Schedule a Commissioning Service for Ministry/Council leaders in January
    • Send announcement to Ministry/Council leaders in January
    • bulletin announcement
  • PRAY. Pray that the Lord and source of all gifts will teach us how to thank Him for all the gifts that He has given as signs of His love and in gratitude to our parishioners for sharing their gifts in love of God & neighbor.



Incorporate: "Stewarding our Gifts:  Go in Peace Glorifying the Lord by Your life"

  • PRAY. Pray that we are trustworthy stewards of God’s abundant gifts and that we recognize and receive the gifts our parishioners.
  • Stewardship Prayers of the Faithful can be found on the renewal tab
  • Commissioning service for ministry leadership can be found in the Book of Blessings.  The purpose of this commissioning service at all Masses:
    • Thanks ministry leaders who have recognized and received their gift of leadership.
    • Allows ministry leaders to re-commit to service.
    • Recognizing parishioners for their leadership before their peers and allows parishioners the opportunity to thank them as well.
  • Will you contact those that did not turn in forms?  Ideas for how, include:
    • Pastor letter to those that did not return T/T/T forms
    • phone-a-thon to those that did not return T/T/T forms
  • Bulletin article ideas:
    • Many thanks to our good parish families who committed to live the stewardship way of life!
    • It's not too late to turn in your forms!
    • Recap of Commitment Phase
      • How many attended the Ministry Fair
      • How many returned forms
  • Parish Annual Report – should include more than just treasure*
    • Number of
      • Households,
      • New families,
      • Sacraments:  Baptisms, First Communions, Weddings, Funerals
      • Liturgical ministers:  Lectors, Cantors, Greeters etc.
      • Hours of Adoration, Bible Studies, PSR students,
      • Fellowship/parish life:  attendees at the parish picnic,
      • Knights of Columbus & Altar Society members

*see examples on our website


Gathering Ministry/Council leaders is a good opportunity to thank them for their leadership, set expectations for the coming year, re-fresh & renew and build community.  Distribute the lists and don't forget food!

  • Set Expectation:  Everyone that signed up for your ministry must be:
    • Contacted - Welcomed - Involved - Thanked.  Increasing participation takes all four steps, and they must be done as soon as possible (within 2 weeks of receiving lists)  Not responding immediately can lead to a sense of rejection and hurt feelings.
      • Contacted
        • Call every person who signed up for your ministry, thank them and invite them to the next meeting.  If you have trouble reaching the person, leave a message.
        • Contact new people immediately, even if you will not need their help for several months.
        • A deadline for all follow-up calls etc., should be within two weeks after the lists have been distributed.
      • Welcomed
        • Use name tags at meeting for everyone where newcomers are present.
        • Consider planning special refreshments for the 1st meeting where new members are present.
      • Involved
        • Make sure that you include new volunteers in meaningful projects
        • Encourage new volunteers to share their ideas and suggestions.  Every organization can benefit from new insights.  New members will stick around if they feel their input is heard and valued.
      • Thanked
        • Your new volunteers took a risk to write their name down/raise their hand to join the ministry.  Acknowledge that and express gratitude for their generosity and commitment.
        • Pray together thanking God for bringing every person's unique talents to the ministry.


  • Preparation, assembly and distribution of the Time, Talent & Treasure forms.
  • Collection of Time & Talent and Treasure forms
  • Lay-Witnesses
    • As speakers
    • As parishioners
  • Feedback on content of the form

PRAY. Pray that a deeper faith is realized by those parishioners who, out of gratitude to God, shared their talents as members of our parish.