2017.2018 Annual Parish Stewardship Renewal

Christian disciples respond to Christ's call, follow Jesus and shape his or her life in imitation of Christ's.

This year’s stewardship message incorporates both an old, new, and consistent message:  of being called by Jesus to “come and follow me…”  Our poster unites a modern silhouette of a young man on his telephone, and familiar silhouette of Saint Peter with his fishing nets.  One has chosen to follow Jesus; the other is in the midst of distraction and decision.  

Social media is universal in our society today.  Has it allowed us to follow Jesus or be distracted?  Saint Ignatius reminds us that we were created to praise, reverence and serve God and that all things on earth were created to help us attain heaven.  If they help, we should embrace them.  If they hinder, we should rid ourselves of them.

This is an old, new, yet consistent message.  Whether it is a career in the fishing industry or whether it is modern responsibilities and/or distractions, we are faced with the question:  who are you following?  Peter responded that he was following Jesus.  What is our response?  Stewardship is gratefully recognizing and receiving this invitation to follow Jesus, then sharing our life with others.  Just like Peter.

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