Sacred Heart Parish in Halstead started an Adoration chapel on Sunday, Oct. 13. Every week, the parish has continuous Eucharistic Adoration from noon Sunday until Wednesday at 11 p.m. except during weekday Masses on Monday and Tuesday. One hundred and one people, including families with children, now adore Jesus as they make their Eucharistic Holy Hour every week.
“It is so moving to see families with their children coming to Jesus and praying together,” said Fr. Edmond Kline, pastor of Sacred Heart Parish.
On Oct. 5 and 6, Alice Schoenhofer and Celia Chin of Wichita, who have started more than 100 adoration chapels, spoke at the Masses during sign-up weekend. The week prior, Catherine Murphy, coordinator of Perpetual Adoration of St. Anthony in Strong City, gave a testimony concerning their chapel.
Sacred Heart Parish prepared for the sign-up weekend by fasting and prayer and praying at every Mass for Eucharistic Adoration.
“The wonderful people of Sacred Heart responded in an overwhelming manner,” said Fr. Kline. “What a beautiful testimony to the people of Sacred Heart.”